Thursday, November 3, 2011

The next bubble?

Old school power/control/corruption wants to profit from so called Green Energy.

We see it everywhere, old school trying to push into green energy fields, effectively raising costs while product costs drops dramatically.

Utitlies are highly motivated to maintain power and control wherever they can.

Having 80,000,000 houses that could effectively power themselves would be their greatest nightmare. 

Control of water, food, shelter, and power is the most important factors for the old school Government / Utility  group to control the peoples that they are crushing through bad management and profit extraction. 

They want to control tie-in to the grid, and obfuscate that difficulty in order to maintain power and control, while smoke screening "smart grid" which is by nature vague enough that ample shenanigans can be played.

? Power to the people ? Will be fought at every level.    Get some if you can.

And try to profit by following the 800 Gorillas as they try to profit from the so-called "Smart Grid", which is likely to be at least a big a boondoogle as Ethanol.


  1. Well said Steveo.
    I am in process of going off grid myself to tell utilities companies to get lost.


  2. Relying on any Gov operation or utility to have steady in the future is like waiting for the tooth fairy, good job on off grid.    I am transitioning to off grid sewer and water, on grid natural gas (with own off grid options to replace, and on grid electric, with own off grid options to replace.


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