Sunday, November 27, 2011

PIMP-CO Mohammed Twitchy and Lying

It doesn't take a pyschological genius to figure out that when someone's face is literally twitching that they are lying.   Watch the video.

Pimco is the worlds largest bond fund.   A few years back it was obvious that Bill Gross was taken out to the woodshed and shown what it would look like if he got his bond unit put on the chopping wood block.  Then he started lying alot.   

I wonder what their plan is here?   To have a perfect landing instead of a bond crash? ie. scaring people into bonds and away from the equities markets?   Loaning money to anyone at low interest in this environment is patently insane.   But for them to state that the US economy is "terrifying" is purely a deception move.    2% GDP growth is pretty OK.

Sure we could have an extraneous shock.   Europe in particular, or some other black swan that comes out of nowhere.   And sure we have long term problems associated with the lack of contract law, persistent corruption and capture of the government, and that lack of basic principles that result in hard work and innovation....and if the US doesn't remove the vampire squid --the US will have no nice future.   BUT to right now say the US economy is Terrifying, is a misleading disservice.   

So sure, we are subject to a mass market panic, and that will also have some effect on people's willingness to spend money--the so called wealth effect.   But the US is still the largest economy in the world, and the USD is the 80,000 lb Gorilla in the room.    Perhaps we have even hit a market bottom in housing, although, a few years of meander around could be likely, too.  


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