Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Put call extremely high--Bears about to be bitchslapped

I hate to be so crude, but it is true.
So much excitement with the big triangle, and a down afternoon, everyone jumping on the bear wagon.

Been a good month, up 48% although was up 52% at one time.   Hedging my puts with futures.

Now that I saw the put call in the slapping zone, I don't want to give back a great month.

This one posted on Daneric, I am pointing it out because of the exuberance, bearish type.   Calling a small transcendence over the line a "break" and certainly, this simple patterns are known by trader and quant alike, and ESPECIALLY the Brits like to game patterns, ramp up before a downturn, and pretend a break before a ramp.  This is not "a break" it might become a break, but flying in the face of super high put call, this is way more likely to be a fakeout, followed by a ramp.

The point is....the being wrong, and the exuberance, now lets see what happens!

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