Sunday, December 4, 2011

Apple of my Eye

Zstock was stating apple to 500 in 2013, barring no big recession.

Hussman, bearish since 2007, is giving this "recovery" and job growth some credit, EVEN THOUGH he knows it is bullshit.    Weird, but sign of a Wave 2 really doing it's job, convincing even the bears that this recovery has legs.   Sheesh I hopium it does, and long ES and Euro today, which feels very smart. 

Here is Apple, it could get swatted down from the 400, at least for now. 


  1. i didn't think anyone cared about 2013 yet. I guess i was wrong.
    i should do some more calculations on other stock's 2013 target prices, as seen through the estimates in earnings being made today.

  2. Watch that potential swat down, you might be able to buy alot more apple for a run up


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