Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buy any pullbacks, unless there aren't any pullbacks

Market is based on nature, based on deception.   Think of the number of times that animals use deception as a prime way of life. 

This market is tricky, I have been patient at times when it worked, but I will not take a week of being wrong pain.   The bears were burnt on the run to 1260, then pulled back in on the steep drop from 1260 to 1225.    Many bulls probably closed out at that time...thinking, I want to for sure not lose money into the end of the year.  

I had some Feb calls "swing trades" long that loved today.   Most futures are day trades and so if against me, they close quick, and come back quick.

Long ES from 1198, which is sweet for now.  Closed out Cable long, it is forming a blimp, which is not bullish.   And Euro is being heavily gamed, ramped up, ramped down, staying away from that freak.

Here is Vix, about the lowest it ever goes to is 15, I can't see it getting that lower by New Years, but who knows, for now it is in a clear downchannel as seems to be its normal habit after a "Scare the Sheep" event.

There may be no dip to buy....leave the frustrated bulls and frustrated bears in the dirt as HBB ramps for its multi-Billion dollar year end bonuses, maybe like 100 Billion.    I heard that all the used nuclear fuel in the world could be placed into relatively safe dry cask storage for around 10 Billion.    But instead, they overjam the water filled pools that are located above the reactors themselves....they don't even seperate the risks!

And if the water leaks out....terrible nuclear fission/fire, guaranteed nasty release.   But the problem that is most likely to wipe out humanity, nuclear pollution, could be to a great extent be solved for $10B, and yet we allow $100B to be handed out to "financial advisers" of a rigged casino.

This is where the world is at right now.  Preparation and protection are not things that are fool hardy.


  1. Nice end of the day sell off on IBM at the close Steveo, sitting in April Puts so I am bias.

    Keep up the great work I enjoy the blog.


  2. Great visit some sponsors, I only need 1800 more visits to pay for my scope.....ouch, so far over budget, but it is cool!

    Do you play IBM all the time


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