Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Overly bearish sentiment on Euro

This poll from WSJ of 3900 people showed 85% thought the Euro going down through end of year.   So only 15% think that the USD would be down by end of year, and thus 85% think that Santa will not show up to the party, and 85% think that the financial industry will be happy with smaller bonuses this year, rather than launch a ramp job.

Makes you say....hmmmmmm


  1. dow 30 are my bread and butter trades. I do the best on them.
    IBM. at my market site, we shorted IBM at 192. it went to 194 or so. If it gets to 194 before earnings, I'm shorting it again. 205 is a pretty good target, if and only if, they beat the street on their Jan earnings.

  2. 2 other dow 30 stocks i shorted today---HD,XOM.
    I already made a little money on XOM shorts at 81ish and high 81's, in the past.
    This is my first try on HD...i'm up against the new higher p/e evaluation the market is giving it.

  3. IBM green resistance line 192, is where i would short IBM.The yellow resistance line is too high, me thinks. but it is a great looking line for a stop loss, just above it, or add more to the trade.
    I'd short any 194 double top.


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