Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Called the Bucky Whoopin'

Y'all remember last Friday when Daddy P (Big Bob Pretcher was all excited that Bucky was breaking out to new 12 month highs!) My response was that "Bucky about to get a whoopin". See Friday link


Whose your Daddy? It ain't Bob Pretcher. He had awesome calls that no one had (practically no one) but you can't be wrong for a decade at a time, not even 2 months. And driving people to "maximum leverage" and then setting an ES stop at 1260 made him and disciples the perfect target.

Then draw the bears in again with a steep drop that most miss (they get short at the bottom), and then stall out Santa, then Whoopin' time. Fundamentally, I am quite bearish (just saying I don't count Celente in the group of realists, sorry MISH either -can't be 100% bear every day, and Celente did get his gold stolen at Mf'ers inc). Here are the currency pictures.

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