Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Market Wears You Out

Market did a great job of wearing me out.   I kept watching Euro looking to take a stab at the Bernoulli 177 line, finally it did.    Cable taking its own stab at its B4343 "catch line", and so far catching.

Was about ready to throw in the towel, put away the mouse.   Took a long position in Euro and Cable.

However, my tick MA chart on SPX preventing me from longing the  ES.

Try this linkable version and let me know if it pull up live for you on Stockcharts$TICK&p=5&yr=0&mn=0&dy=2&id=p01165254222&a=251006145


  1. Chart pulls up live  - thanks, added to my own market breadth list.

    It did take me away from your site though. It would be better if it opened in new window. I don't know how that works though

    Good luck standing in front of that Euro freight train. You don't lack for guts

  2. any chance i can get that link from you, that describes how to install those paypal and amazon buttons.
    i'd like to try it out.


  3. just right click, open in new window option.
    My FX trade often last 2 to 6 hours...moves against me, I am out.   I am already out with nice profits on Cable and Euro.

  4. I couldn't find the exact link again, trying searching.

    here is one

  5. thanks steveo, i'll look into these.
    i have the source code of her paypal buttons.
    between all this html and her source code, maybe i can get what she has.

  6.  Thanks for providing us such a wonderful charts. I will highly appreciates your efforts that you have been provided us information about in such a beautiful way...........Keep it up........!!


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