Monday, December 20, 2010


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My preps: I bought a large property, high ground with good view planes.   Own well, tested pure but will all put in a whole house RO system.   Own sewer system, works great.    2 wood heating sources with heat exchangers, gas heat through my own propane tank 500 gallons, also heat through a water to air heat pump with heat exchanger in deep on site pond and backup electric through Outback inverters and battery bank with PV solar electric.  Connected to grid but could live pretty normally with no electric grid, no city water, no city sewer, no city gas supply.    Moving from a corrupt island, that will be the worst possible place to be when SHTF, to a highly educated mainland county that is basically country land, yet within 20 minutes of anything you need to buy, and with people who are watchful of "outsiders" and I won't be one of the outsiders.
My first purchase was video surveillance and then a 24 rifle gun safe bolted into the concrete floor.
This is somewhat extreme of a move, but basically was able to do it all for under $300k.    And it is actually a really nice place.
Also, I made this 'Prep List"which was first started as a nuclear event preparedness, it will probably take you 5 weeks to put it all together, and you don't have to do it all at once.
Also, just bought this really really good telescope, keep perspective on things while SHTF. Check out pictures here.

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