Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turn point, turn on a silver dollar?

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Lets forget silver, Bucky is at a B100 channel line, after a big run, let's call it a Santa Spoiler.

Euro, being the drama Queen she is, getting carried away to the downside,

Cable, with a nicely formed egg launch, embryo pop, also hitting some Bernoulli with thin tails, those are the best.  

I got long at ES 1115 1116, also 33 calls in the money.   


  1. Steveo keep posting were reading.


  2. Righto!   Got my stops ran this morning, but just happened to be doing a mid evening check, and got back in long.    They nailed the 78 Fibo perfectly, knocking out some 10,000 stops in that area.    Cyborg warfare is not easy.


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