Sunday, January 22, 2012

Egg of Doom - 2012 Visit

Well the Egg of Doom sure seems to indicate that 2012 will be a bad year for equity value.  

A stealth flight to USD could bring down the indices. 

One problem I have with charts, and it makes no sense to me, therefore I have to assume that it is intentional method of deception, it the way that mathematical lines image differently on different time frame charts.   Annoying --more than annoying.

You can see on the near term Egg of Doom, we are just touching the Egg line.

However, on the longer term Egg of Doom, we have already broke the shell and into overthrow mode if that is what that is.

Anyone have any type of explanation at all on this matter?


  1. I too am struggling with the signals - apparently contradictory - that the markets are giving.
    Could it be that they are now so manipulated, that this low volume melt up will continue into February and March?  
    At some point soon there has to be a huge market correction, in my view, as Europe unravels.

  2. One would sure think so, it won't matter until it matters.  
    Try playing the individual breakout stocks from Breakpoint Trades, those have been by best performing choices, on Forex and futures I have been a breakeven trader, which is not my goal.
    Currently short ES though, based on the predominance of evidence.

  3. Hi Steveo,

    Let me put forth this. The best, and I mean the absolute very best, trade that you will ever have is something that should happen and does not. Given that we are up against the broken trendline from the 2009 low on Feb 22, 2012 and an EW pattern might be complete, let's see if we come back inside the EGG. To me, that would signal a false break, like entering a support or resistant egg, and moving out. This "egg" is a containment egg, so to say. I see no reason to not think going out and back inside isn't the sell signal, in this case.

    (e-mail me if you respond and I don't as I might miss something)


  4.  Yes, we have fully broken the egg shell.   
    A deceptive false break, and drop back in?
    Or a real improvement in the so called economy?
    Or inflation through printing?


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