Friday, February 3, 2012

Longs are closed, Short ES at the B100

Last Friday I wrote

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If you are a Trader, you are a highly paid risk manager.     If you are not highly paid, maybe you need to look at the risk management, LOL.

The risk right now is to the upside.

Opened my charts to a perfect hit on the B100 old channel line.
After the gap up on "Jobs Report", probably lots of people jumping on long.

HBB needs to b'slap them and take their money.     Good chance we tank down to at least 1325 just based on Fib, and to wipe out all who went long too late.

Intermediate term I am agnostic right now, no time to play this too complicated.



  1. I'm glad at least ONE other person put on a short trade today...

  2.  Actually, then I bought puts and calls.   We at a crossroads!

  3. We sure are - but check out the time frames - this ramp from the bottom at Aug until now is almost exactly the same amount of time from the Sep 2010 - Feb 2011 ramp. The next 2 windows are late Feb or late March, but the overbalance doesn't make sense.

    "It's an illusion."
    "YES, it's CONFUSING!"

  4.  Have no doubt QE3b is underway!   Just saying.


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