Sunday, February 26, 2012


MF must be covered up.   

Confidence in the entire system of "electron wealth" would be undermined

And we know this is all a "Con" game.

The origin of the Con, is the word Confidence

All I can say is, prepare yourself.   It is not silly to spend time being ready for a sea change in the way things work.    We are approaching a "blow off top" not just the stock market indices.


  1. "Sloppy Bookkeeping"? Beyond absurd. These are not complicated transactions and the audit trail would be absolutely visible. So yes, it's a deliberate theft & cover-up at the highest levels IMO if JPM absconds w/the funds.

    Still, just one little burp in a vastly larger cesspool.... 

  2.  Indeed, the tip of the iceberg.    Frozen cesspool.


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