Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to our Roots - Deception

Humans use deception all the time.  In fact most animals use deception as a way to sneak up on their food, or a way to hide from their predators.

Animals have alot of communication, sometimes through sounds and/or body language.   I wonder if dogs use deceptive body language to trick an adversary?

There is a strong bond between the human language and the human mind maybe even a direct link at the brain level.     This is called neural-linguistics.   

But it just occurred to me today that the species that has the most advanced language also has the most advanced deception, and that language is used as a great tool in deception.    How can you tell when a lawyer is trying to deceive you....when his lips are moving.   LOL.

The market does an incredible job of deception using just price and time.    Think of how greater the deception can be when they bring in Cramer and you the "street view" to help you, yeah right.

Don't be deceived!

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