Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Could be a top, Bob got hit, Crawford Newsletter, Fear Factor, VOS, and Bernoulli, oh my!

Per my previous post, Big Bob got hit, his S&P stop at 1399 got hit. 
HBB (Humungous Bank and Broker) loves doing that.    A quick run up yesterday....scary pop for shorts, and then to see follow through today....lots of stops hit.   Bob a victim of his own success.

Arch Crawford (pretty famous Astro and Tech trader) also on the same page by entirely different methods.   Arch kind enough to let me post a paid newsletter in full.   Check out Arch at his website, really interesting stuff.   If you call him on the phone he will answer too.

Arch's Site

Check out Chart 2....a ramp job on a down volume day--- Man that HBB got game!

Now "they" will be scared to re-enter shorts....then market will drop like 6% to 1320 or so, and they will regret missing the move and now convinced its P3 time....then they will jump on short and get ramped up again.

HBB loves that stuff....using hundreds of Billions of managed money and State Pension Funds to move the market to take the most money.     They live for that and the insider tips, and they need it, because they couldn't trade their way out of a paper bag if they didn't have the corruption on their side.  

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  1. Wow, look at the put/call take an absolute nosedive! Last 2 times it hit this low...last month and last July, right before the crash.


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