Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free BPT Newletter

 BPT offers a great service, best in class for the price, and quite honestly, best in class for any price.

Free Commodity and Gold Newsletter BPT

They also have a 15% coupon ends tomorrow.   The 6 month membership is the best deal at $240.   Sign up using the link in the right side of my blog.

I typically do 2 or 3 trades a week using trade ideas that they present and that ring true with my own methods.    Since they do Patterns, Fibonacci, Elliot, and Stochastics and other indicators, alot of their methods match with mine.    Of course, they don't have the top secret Bernoulli or Egg formations, nor some of my custom ratios the see past the standard games the deceptors of the market makers use as standard tools.   BUT

Bottom line is just taking a few small trades, usually $10k to $30k can often net $500 to $2000 in just a handful of days.     70% to 80% profitable, and then depends on how quick and how tight you move your stop to protect your position.   The tighter and quicker you move your stop, the more likely you are going to be stopped out.   And sometimes you get stopped and THEN the real move happens....whatever, I am so past caring about what could have been.  

Instead at the end of every week I plot my equity and you want to see an upward trend with not many losses.   

These trades may take 10 to 30 minutes to manage, review daily, move stops, decide to take profits.   And they are pretty good about watching out for earnings so you don't get blindsided.   Some of these are low volume stocks, even under 200,000 shares per day.   So you have to be on your toes. 

If your job has you too busy....don't take any trade if you can't manage them.   Simple enough. 

Trade results, not too shabby.    And below are some untriggered trades, all longs.....

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