Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Close

Short Signal on the 78 Fibo and the Bernoulli 100 didn't seem to play out.   I want to say thanks to the readers here for visiting.

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They still can....after the market "bores you silly", then the move occurs, but I took my lumps quickly above the B100 line, so flat into weekend.     Long gas and gold miners, long term position.   Amazing how gas is just decimated, funny how T Boone Pickens was pimping gas like there was a bright tomorrow a few years back.

Nat Gas not being used too much for peaking generators, since peaks are down, as economy is down.    The real economy, not the reported economy.   Now it is so cheap, people moving to technologies to use it...then it will ramp up big time, but is that next year or 4 years?      And how much gas suppliers will be driven bankrupt int he meantime.    

Good theory to own the biggest and best Nat Gas, not the small guys.

And for investments, buy a hole in the ground.    Seriously buy oil wells.    As a general partnership that later gets transferred into a limited partnership to minimize liability.  

80% tax deduction out of the gate, 20% annual return and even those earnings are somewhat protected from tax.  

You ain't going to find this type of information on the net, even your so called big bank financial they ain't going to tell you the good stuff.....that's for them and their buddies.     But there are plenty scammers in the gas and oil business too, so any investment needs an excellent due diligence. 

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