Thursday, March 29, 2012

Funny Stacking Day and Quality Report

Did a little stacking today.   Feel free to Klik around too, lots of interesting stuff here.

And then by coincidence ran across a 57 page report on Gold by Paul Mylchreest who does some amazing research and writing.     Makes me a little embarrassed on my own rantings, oh well.

So I wrote to him and he granted permission to allow download of the whole report for my lucky readers.    Check it out, the them is Gold manipulation.     "They" hold gold and hate it.    They cannot beat gold in the endgame, but they can sure mess with it's "value" in terms of how many dollars you can get for an ounce of gold.

Let me know what you think.    57 pages....time for a "pier" review.

Direct Link the Thunder Road Report

And a 2 pager from Martin Armstrong, on Gold and time cycles.   Funny Ol' Marty even gets a bit ranty in here, on the non-believers

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