Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perchance a Rant from Britian soiled

Magpieview 15 hours ago
 English Riots

Rioting on English Streets
Delinquent Chavs and Scum
Who have no sense of decency
And rob and steal for fun

They stole the articles they wanted
They cared not about the cost
Or about their fellow man
And what he had lost.

Where did they learn such selfishness
Such callousness and greed
Who showed them the indifference
That seemed to be their creed.

It cannot be our leaders
Who claim money is worth
Who exploit the vulnerable
From their day of birth.

That all theft is evil
Cannot be denied
Whether perpetrators wear hoodies
Or their old school ties

Perhaps we should punish all the theft
Of property and hope and pride
And maybe all such soulless treatment
Should earn a stretch inside

But that will not happen
We do not punish all that is wrong
For the power of wealth remains
And the influence of money is strong

We do not punish all criminals
Just the ones on the street
While those in mansion houses
Never feel the heat.

We have no responsibility
Our Government will claim
We only planted the seeds of discord
We cannot be to blame

We will punish all the looters
Their wrongs change ours to right
And punish the poor who deserve it
As we impose our might

How dare they share the values
Of those who have grown fat
Upon the debt and sweat of others
The selfish, obese rats.

David Chalk

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