Thursday, March 15, 2012

Put call Ratios

Sorry I just don't have time to mark up these charts for you.    These are my best of the best put call and buy write / put call indicators.    email me and I will send you the Stock Charts link.   

And don't forget this is an advertising supporting site...which ain't much but at least it can pay for stockcharts and maybe an Elliot of Arch Crawford (Astro Tech, the best and longest lasting successful Astro Tech trader)   See previous post, Arch let us put up his paid newsletter in full, really cool!

These are on my Stockcharts "indicator" list which I scroll through almost daily when I am trying to get a sense of the overall market.    Extreme put call readings, and ratios, and MACD's can be very instructive at the most important times.  

Summary---These are starting to get extreme, but not a screaming that a big change is coming.   

Other stuff is saying that a big change is coming.    Lots of call holders though....HBB hates paying them.

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