Thursday, March 15, 2012

What to do.

Saw a post on Blue Chip Bulldog, and ranted back as below

  • Dutch, likes fast motorcycles and rich women.
    Be thankful people. Be thankful you can toy and play this game and make money doing it when people are out there begging. We just had a Vietnamese lady walk in to our lobby (prob. walked from the bus stop 1 mile away) and filled out an application form and attached a HAND WRITTEN resume in very poor English. Nevertheless, she's busting her ass trying to find something. It appeared that she was an assembly line worker (here or another country, idk) and we know where all those jobs went. Since the 90's this valley lost over 1mil plant/fab jobs. We have more people and less jobs than we did 20 years ago. I'm making $18 which is the least I've ever made since college, and people are begging to get a $9 an hour job in the plant.

good slice of life story, however---

Instead of being thankful for having a pittance of a job,
  1. we should insist that corporations operate within the law, 
  2. we should insist on the end to regulatory capture, 
  3. we should jail those in government who take bribes and operate under a clear conflict of interest, 
  4. we should eliminate 90% of all lobbying, 
  5. we should restore the constitution, 
  6. we should eliminate 40% of all government and put them to work in a productive job, 
  7. we should bring HOME ALL of the men and women of the armed forces, ALL of them, and put them to work building a new energy infrastructure, 
  8. and lastly we should eliminate the vampire squids that have taken over the market place and restore markets as an effective means of rewarding productivity through price discovery and development of capital as opposed to the disgustingly rigged casino that it has become. 

We should do a few other things too, but that's a good start.   End the Fed, gold linked standard, slap down the drug companies and their capture of the medical industry, force all laws to be written in plain English---you get the idea.


  1. If I put 'Steveo' as a write-in, think they'll count it?


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