Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Safest to be a Bull??

BlueChip Bulldog--She is good, agnostic.   Simple in a way.    Thinking this was a breakout, the real deal.

BPT Advising same thing, at least caution not to run out and buy 500 puts. 

Cara advising same thing.

Steveo---- looking for validation.   I have to stick with my gut, in fact the Xray of the market that I call my gut.   My main indicators say that something very odd has gone on, VIX, VIX/VXV, Fear Factor, VOS (all based in some aspect of volatility.

PM Cartel still dropping Gold and Silver, selling paper, until organic phys steps in.

Its all quite odd.   I could get chewed up on tight stops being hit.   And had some hit late night.

Back in short at ES 1393 on a perceived deception flag false breakout, swat down by a trendline

Blue is from BlueChipBulldog, Brinkley

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  1. Market still unstoppable. I want to short as much as anyone but they just wont let it go down.


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