Monday, April 30, 2012

Drop to S&P 1100?

What would it take for a big scary QE4/5? Does a drop to S&P 1100 just seem "Impossible?" Or 1200 Sheesh a drop to 1300 seems almost inconceivable. Expect the unexpected. This VIX chart says prices are ready to rumble downward


  1. I've been following your blog for a while and you seem spot on alot of times.

    It seems the blogers out there have never been so divided.

    for example.. ATILLA ... doug kass are calling for new highs close to 1500.

    You .. Cyclicalmarketanalysis are calling for a waterfall down moves... this is going to be very interesting to see who is right :)   For my own sake I hope you are right and prices do come crashing down.

  2.  I sure believe we can be, and that we will be at new highs say September, election gimmicks.   But we take a big trip down first to inspire QE *.*.   

    Thanks for dropping a comment.  


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