Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slow Motion Train Wreck

This whole "thing" has been a slow motion train wreck since 2007, going into 5 years now.  
I recognized the beast in 2003/2004 as the housing bubble went into full swing post 911.

Although we get a market drop of a whole 4% (Nikkei did drop 10%) the Armageddon talk comes out quickly.    In reality, it is most likely that we will NOT have a major world changing crises in the next few months....the Gov and Fed have sharpened their quivers and surely have 3 or 6 backup plans on the next stick saves.   But who knows.

We might have a year or two before SHTF and 4 to 8 years before we find a bottom for a sustained real organic bounce.    And it might be next week.

As Turd from TF metals says, "The end of the Keynesian experiment is here, prepare accordingly."
Prepare now.    Be thankful if the slow motion train wreck drags out.    We hope it will be pumped at least through the election.      HBB loves to drop the market hard after an election so they can let the pres know who is boss.   Happened to Obama, review it.    He got a quick lesson, but they had to beat it into him.

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