Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, hey almost forgot its Expiry!

Wow, can't believe I let expiry sneak up on me.

Took the longest position short on Euro in about half a year, 3 position sizes for me, getting piggy, usually that means getting bitchslapped. 

However, very glad that the Euro did not follow the ES on its little tirade.

Other than that I am flat positions, a few long term (that means losing money) positions in gas and gold.

And of course, Stacking, all stored in safe positions, not in the home.  

Good thing the Euro is diverging from ES.    ES could simply be playing a wipe out the puts before expiry.

My observation says Monday and Tuesday of Expiry are the real fireworks.    Wednesday can have some movement, and then Thursday and Friday consist of little fake out runs to get people to close their puts and calls at losses or less gains.  

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