Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anyone on the Planet

Is there anyone of the face of the freakin planet who does not understand that society and government are in a desperate downward spiral, and the actions of trying to fly higher (increase the current standard of living by pulling back harder on the yoke in a climb maneuver) only serves to increase the rate of rotation and speed of descent and deeper the impact crater. OK maybe non-pilots don't understand the analogy completely, but seriously, is there a single person who doesn't see the accelerating damage, such as unlimited money spent on politics as long as it is not directly handed to a specific candidate.


  1. This ends badly.
    Only once we can keep political and corporate hands out of the public purse will we be able to curb this destructive behavior.
    Yet some will encourage even bigger government as the cure.
    That would be even worse.

  2.  Yep, you wonder what more it will take before substantive change can occur.    I can only picture just the complete inability of the "system" to keep going on,  but that is hard to picture.

  3. Ostrich effect
    (cannot deal with the problem - hide from it or more proper interpretation _ "Think that you hidden from the problem" )

  4.  Ignorance and denial are incredibly powerful


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