Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bucky it s all about Bucky

The vast majority of the world's wealth is held in USD. The 1% need Bucky to remain the worlds reserve currency, at least they need a decade or half decade minimal to reposition wealth. Oil is sold in dollars, that was the US "concession" to Arab states....hey you guys only sell in USD, and we will let you run your little cartel and occasionally rape the public. It really is that simple. Anyone with the audacity to sell oil in other than dollars gets taken out with war. That's how the 1% plays it. I thought Bucky might get a swat down, instead it launched up and through 2 --B177 lines, this is quite rare. But it fits with my earlier grand plan, of tank the market to scare the sheeple into shouting for QE 4/5, and save the election. Tank and ramp.
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