Sunday, May 20, 2012

 I lived and worked there in the 80s.

Michigan is a great state, but Detroit was a real shit hole even back then.

Factory workers, protected by the unions, would work the system, taking every sick day they could without triggering any retribution because they knew exactly what the rules were.

These same factory workers would have a nice enough house less than 10 miles from where they worked, and a few vehicles such as a truck or SUV to pull their boat to their country house on a nearby lake. It made no sense.

Sure there were some good workers, and many very dedicated to the auto industry with a love for the auto. But for the most part it was just silly, the union extracting way more than they should.

 I recognized it at the time for what it was, the prelude to bad times. An entitlement society.

Crime was also rampant at the time, now it has gotten worse. And there were huge amounts of muslims, which just seemed odd.

Lots of crime and lots of racial intolerance. If your car broke down in some parts of the city, your life would seriously be at risk.

Now houses are selling for $2000, although many sell for $9000 or $29000.

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