Saturday, May 5, 2012

Famous Lies - Sell in May

When something is being promoted all over the place, you can pretty much be sure that it is wrong, and often intentional deception.    The financial firms own most of the media, and they use it as a tool of propaganda and deception.   Of course, it always "sounds good"

This time its the Sell in May and Go Away Mantra.   In December, it was the Santa Rally....and a heck of a rally it was, after everyone gave up on the idea of the Santa Rally.

It is sad that we let politicians manipulate things just to get elected again.   We all know it, most of us know that quick spending of "shovel ready" money is not the best way to allocate resources, and yet it carries on as acceptable and known.   Funny that.

But when a Dem sits in the Big House (white house I mean), the election year market look quite different, I was thinking maybe July or August for a rally into election, but it may come more quickly.  

Tom McClennan has great stuff, including this chart

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