Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moon Bounce?

Sometimes the market are totally in tune with the moon, they haven't been for a long long time, way longer than usually.

Pictures taken on Oahu, last night, Canon EOS Rebel XSI, no tripod, shooting at 1600 to 3000 speed.   Anything less, and this moon was SO BRIGHT that the whole image washed out.

PS the moon chart is from, they consistently rock these charts, and do at least as good a job as I could, so I honor them with copying.    


  1. nice pic and chart

  2. Thanks Steve, unbelievable photos, but somewhat ominous (planet X influence anyone?). I guess we should count on an up-cycle, according to your moon chart.

  3.  Thanks, finally got my aperture and speed right!

    But BIG H&S on GDOW could imply a big down into May 14 range

  4. I'd like to think H&S will pan out, being 200% short. B-but H&S patterns can reverse into a 5th wave continuation pattern sometimes..... Greetings from the big island in the Carribbean.

  5.  ?? Cuba, Haiti, VI, Puerto Rico?

  6. Eastern side of Hispaniola (Dom. Rep.) Cuba still too red... and retarded (no disrespect intended to the Cubans).


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