Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Ramble On

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Well, the ol' Hawaii Trader been pretty much nailing it.

Got to be careful though....start getting cocky and "pressing your advantage" and increasing your position size is a great piggy way to really get B-slapped and have your profits stripped away.

Pretty much 95% of the time when I have gotten piggy in the past, I did get slapped hard --- really about 90% of the time. Those odds are amazing.

Ill do some analysis on the weekend, but the blue egg is IMHO opinion "too steep" but we should be at least aware of an oversold bounce possible. We should also be aware that equity drops as gold increases are the pre-squacking of a black swan.

DROP a COMMENT already Sign up as a follower, I might actually think someone reads this drivel.

 And look where we are at in relation to the HT trademarked Bernoulli channel....what I consider to be the true channels which catch outliers and denote true trend changes (or at least strong wave 2 or B waves). We are right at the B177 channel line, if this breaks Kansas go bye-bye whether you took the red pill or the blue pill.....


  1. Better than drivel...keep up the great work Mr Steveo! Congrats on the great call.

  2. I read it.  

    I wish I had a better understanding of the egg technique.  Have you summarized the theory in writing?

  3.  Nope, art form in development, not for wide dissemination

  4.  Get ready for a swan dive.

  5. I am intrigued by your black swan reference regarding gold up and equities down.
    Would you mind elaborating?


  6.  Bucky up usually means equities down, gold down.   When equities are down and people are fleeing to gold against the dollar move, shows fear.


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