Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Market and Kardashian Sisters

The market is a drama queen. There always seems like there is something on the verge of busting out, or breaking down. Sometimes it is best just to ignore the market, sit on your hands. Except now...because something is on the verge of breaking out and down, LOL Kind of like the Texas Oil Man joke.....
A very successful oilman dies. He faces Saint Peter, who says, “You’ve been a good man and normally I’d send you to heaven, but heaven is full. We only have a place in hell.” The oilman says, “Any chance I could talk to other oilmen who are in heaven? Maybe I can convince someone to switch places with me?” Saint Peter says, “It’s never happened before, but sure, I don’t see any harm in it.” The oilman goes to heaven, finds an oilmen convention and yells, “They found a huge oil discovery in hell!” Oilmen are stampeding out of heaven to hell, and our oilman is running with them. Saint Peter asks him “Why are you going to hell with them? I have a spot in heaven, you can stay.” The oilman answers – “Are you kidding, what if it’s true?”

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