Thursday, May 17, 2012

Silver and ES some charts of import

On ES we just bounced on important support, now it looks like we will test that support again in a double bottom or a break. Either way this is big. on my shorts, will tighten stops and assure profits at the least. CA and CBG for instance. Blue B177 is the same channel from a year ago march, and breaks at 1316, then we test down to 1290, then 1250 to the black B177 of the recent steeper uptrend, then check the gray target boxes below.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Steveo.
    I too am thinking that silver has put in some kind of low here...

  2. took a beating on long gdx calls, hope it comes back, should have doubled down....that is not revenge trading that would just be a confirmed of egg bounce pattern.   Did not.  Distracting by work.


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