Thursday, May 17, 2012

TOS Charts don't image consistently across timeframes

I sent this today, after being aggravated by this problem for years. Does anyone have similar experience or feedback on this. ________________________________________________________________________ To TD Ameritrade / thinkorswim David, I have been aware of this problem for years, and figured it was a big problem and that you guys were working on it. Here it is. The channel lines drawn on one time frame and replicated by TOS on other timeframes don’t match up. The worst is the 1 minute chart in relation to the 5 and 15 and up charts. The 5 and 15 and up all seem to usually agree with each other pretty well. The issue IS NOT whether it is log or lin chart format, I am speaking only of all linear charts. That the log and lin and tick charts don’t have congruent line placement is another issue altogether. You can see on the attached screen capture, The upper left is 1 minute The lower left is 5 minute The Yellow line near the price at end of day is my major support channel line. On the 1 minute this line crossing the price was about 2512, but on the 5 minute it was 2508. This is the same yellow line. Why does it get placed in a completely different location? The is an ubiquitous problem with the TOS graphing platform, not an isolated incident. What could possibly explain this and are you guys doing something to fix it? Sure appreciate your help in this matter, for technical traders the line placement is crucial.

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