Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weirdness Abounds

How can Elliot Waves "work" over the whole world, even back when things were not fully connected via computer.....but they were fully connected by humans. Certainly there is more than meets the eye to the world we live in. A relative has a heart attack in Atlanta and the daughter in San Diego knows instinctively. These are real things. I do believe we are connected in much the same way that bee hives are connected and know how to work together, or how flocks of birds all turn at exactly the same time. More on that unification theory later. BUT in the last week, humans that I interact with have been "going off". Completely irrational stuff that come out of the blue. I have noticed streaks of this before, its like the whole population knows that things are not right and the weirdness is an expression of anxiety for a problem they can feel but can't identify. Well my own little slice of life noticing of weirdness is not infallible. But even in the news, more mention of "beatings" and other absurd crimes of violence. AND It's a three day weekend coming up, so not to be chicken little here, but for sure the HBB powers that be love to work people over after they come back from a three day weekend.

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