Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shenanighans, Don't be deceived

BBBY puts were closed out today, not to get greedy. Got lucky, they were body slammed on "earnings" even though they had YoY quarterly earnings increases, and predicted earning increases into Q2. Apparently that wasn't quite up to HBB expectations, so they were taken to the woodshed. Too funny, unless you were long. GDX ridiculously body slammed today, no positions, but thinking long again. Stacked up some more gold coins today as Gold may be near channel support from its long uptrend--really the Bernoulli does it like no other. SPG puts got a breath of life today. I was close to taking my lumps yesterday, classic mistake of getting trapped in a swing position, while traveling and with unexpected internet outage which always was going to be fixed...this afternoon, tomorrow morning....later today....went on like that for 3 days. In reality, was greedy thinking...hey I can bank coin while on vacation. The obvious clear move would have been to close all day and swing positions. Still making greedy mistakes.

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