Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fire in the Hole!

This is the FIRE backtest on the Bernoulli 133 channel line.   The Bernoulli system I use is unique and projects prices into the future.   Similar to a Camarilla however, Bernoulli also recognizes that prices move in channels of various timeframes.    TO SUM IT UP -- the flash crash was a ping of the B133, the B133 backtest is an especially powerful signal.

FIRE did the ping (and watch they often come back for a double if I got in short AFTER the backtest, I would certainly have my stop above the Bernoulli like nothing more than to have smart guys catch the move properly, get into profits, "protect profits" with a tight stop, and then go back to the same resistance line to wipe out the smart guys....then the smart guy stare like deer in headlights while the real move downward commences.    THEN 2 of 3 days later, the smart guys stinging from missing the move, jump in, and whammo....big retrace for another even bigger stop out.   

Moral---Dont be a "smart guy"

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