Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HT Classic Indicators

Fear Factor, 78 Fibo retrace on Fear and now ....more fear? These patterns certainly allow for it. However, the cumulative up down volume pattern have had 4 mostly down days now, although the advance decline issues has tried to claw back up on 2 of those days. It is odd to 4 sell volume days in a row, even odder to get 5, so may be that says we are due for relief rally of sorts.
Tasty short FIRE
Originally a BPT watchlist
Asset class total says that stealth QE is working although slowing somewhat
DVN looks perfect for a long, bought more calls on that dip into the egg
From a guest, dont fight this mini Egg of Doom, however, the measured move could be over.
Volatility on Steroids -  it like to meander around between the yellow lines, sometimes for many months before launching up in a big scary move, this work the same as VIX just better and less directly manipulated.

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