Saturday, July 21, 2012

Watch the Animals - Vix alert up

No one comments when I say "WATCH THE ANIMALS"

But I think we are reaching an incredible amount of mammal social stress.   This would be a massive drop in the market. 

However, the Dem market ramp up into election is also very strong.

Perchance these factor fight each other until January, whoever wins.

Funny, if you observe, bears are extemely human like if you observe them in nature (tough, only seen  a few), or in zoos.   In fact, I would say bears have more human traits than any other mammal.

Don't be a bear, in a bull market!  LOL  

This ain't a bull market, but the market can go to S&P 1600 easy, based on silliness.

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  1. Have to agree on your bear comments.  Most human like animal I know.  They certainly are sneaky.  One snuck up within 12 feet of me a couple years ago before I sent him to heaven. 
    Perhaps bear markets work the same way for the unprepared.


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