Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time to flee?

It is hard to see a bubble when you are in it, but you can.    When I was in the bubble, saw it, I believed that because I was so smart and a successful businessman, that the stock market "owed me" $18M.   No joke.    My wife had phantom stock in a Japanese mutual fund company (she was part of it) that could have been sold for maybe $1.5M USD, but we were in the bubble,  and now hope to get .35M from it.    Some has already been extracted, not nearly the max though.   
 Reality now---those with any money at retirement age may flee, and thus laws against such will start coming.   The Gov is slow, so there is time.

Without going into a rant … we live in rural Clark County, NV outside Las Vegas, and are in that group of former middle class folks that have lost it all … having invested our life savings in this property (peak month Jul, 2006) we have not been able to sell. To view the place Precious and I were behind the fox, go to the home’s website and see the view from the “Perch” seating area. We gave up selling. We have it for rent with option to buy. We hang on but face BK or foreclosure like so many others. When we leave we are moving out of the country. At 65, unemployed since 2007 in a small town, and with a disabled wife, there is no starting over here. We will be able to save more than half my small government pension/her social security in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am not bitter, but I no longer believe in capitalism or democracy as I once did; not the way they are being practiced now. Read more at

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