Friday, August 3, 2012

Land of the Lost

You ever see that old Movie?   

No not this joke of a TV show....almost forgot that one

In California, which has the nation's third-highest unemployment rate at 10.7%, the state has shifted unemployment workers to disability insurance and tax processing after losing federal support.
Rhode Island, meanwhile, laid off 65 workers, most of them on temporary assignment, after running out of stimulus funds. This comes even as the state still battles a 10.9% unemployment rate, the second-highest in the nation.
The state would need $4.6 million to keep them on for another year, said Laura Hart, spokeswoman for the Department of Labor and Training.
"We couldn't stretch it any longer," she said of the additional federal administrative funds. To top of page


  1.  Do the math, that is $70k per year per clerk.

  2. That old TV show may not be a parody, but this "economic recovery" sure is a joke!

    Bought TZA on Friday after the strangest one day rally I can remember.


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