Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peter Dag

Peter Dag, old school business cycle.     Wrote this and we should all realize how it can affect us.

What we need is less government and less governance, yet to those suckling the government teets, which are becoming a majority, all they can vote for is more government, more government jobs, more handouts.   

Ponder the consequences of such a scenario, and ponder how long it may take to play out.    Money printing hardly hurts the poor who are on government handout programs with increases with inflation.   Plus they have no other choice.  


A different view

I had an out-of-the-box thought after reading an article on the FT.
The economy is growing slowly. Because productivity is in shambles. Because our schools are failing us. Because people cannot find jobs. Because they do not have the required skills.
The income differential between classes is surging. The outcome is an increasing number of people - the new political majority - depends on government initiatives.
This new majority will continue to vote for a larger government because they do not see, do not understand, do not fathom any other alternative.
The social and political landscape of our country is changing in a major way. What we are left with is the audacity of hope.
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  1. That is a troubling thought. With socialism to "promote" equality etc. come tyranny. 1930s Germany is the testimony of history to this fact.

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