Monday, September 3, 2012

Rant on Sun Spots

Story Above, Weather unlocking giant carbon vault

It might not have been that long ago that Antartica teemed with life.   

Stating that there are large weather variations that are part of natural cycles, and the “experts” effen get it wrong all the time.   The experts have a whole new theory every 5 to 15 years, on stuff that was accepted as fact not presented as theory.  

Sure we can be mucking up the environment with excess CO2, however, there is a good possibility that other Sun and earth cyclical factors are “bigger movers” of things, and we can be taking a lot of silly actions thinking that humans are all powerful, and those actions are misdirected and thus costly mistakes.  

Seems like humans and pre-humans were always good at moving around, nomad like.   Perhaps the ability to move and adapt was very valuable in the past, as the Sun and Earth cycles required it.

We just went through a “super minimum” of sun spots, not as extreme as the Maunder Minimum of the 1600’s, but the biggest of a century.   We shouldn’t expect business as usual in the weather.         

Now maybe we ought to think about not putting valuable or dangerous assets on the Ocean front (like nuke plants, that will sure work out well, keep them cool) and be ready for changing weather and planting patterns, and a lot of other stuff.

Oh, and did you know that the Dutch Tulip Mania and the Maunder Minimum were related in time......hmmm, and the recent debacle.......


  1. and if the weather is actually getting colder despite global warming hysteria, the "experts" just decide to hide the decline

  2. I have heard that too, that would be pretty damning to the carbon credit BOYZ scam to suck from from "hurting" companies who have to buy carbon credits because they couldn't buy the equipment that was legislated down their throats, in transfer monies to the large conglomerates.

    I haven't had time to properly research it.


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