Monday, September 24, 2012

The New QE (Social Security)

People will get upset if government promises are not kept.

They renamed social security to be a "Federal Benefit Payment".    Quiet deception, they are pretending that they are giving you a benefit, not paying you back the 15% of every dollar that you earned, taken from you.

Social Security must be invested in special funds of the Federal Government.
By law, income to the trust funds must be invested, on a daily basis, in securities guaranteed as to both principal and interest by the Federal government. All securities held by the trust funds are "special issues" of the United States Treasury. Such securities are available only to the trust funds.
In the past, the trust funds have held marketable Treasury securities, which are available to the general public. Unlike marketable securities, special issues can be redeemed at any time at face value. Marketable securities are subject to the forces of the open market and may suffer a loss, or enjoy a gain, if sold before maturity. Investment in special issues gives the trust funds the same flexibility as holding cash.
 These funds are not open to the public.    The simple solution?     These special funds just start paying themselves 5% instead of 1% in say a 3 year certificate of deposit.    Poof...problem solved, the SS funds will increase and the unfunded liabilities will have the gap closed.   And in 2025 when you retire you will get $14,000 a year in SS benefits.   Nice--imagine that when you think about the inflation that is going on.   This is another form of money printing, and you heard it here first, because I just made that up.

Welcome to reality, unless you have planned and produced well, there can be tough times ahead.   The life expectancy of lower educated whites in the USA is actually decreasing.

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