Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ACT, FF, VOS and a mini-rant

Asset Class Total

Money shifts from class to class, but the overall trend of printing money is clearcut, compare to 2003, 2004, 2005, i.e. the lead up to the "BOOM" years

And Below is Hawaii Tradings patented Fear Factor, and Volatility on Steroids.

Everything here points to even more of a drop

The "anti-dollars" Cable (GBP.USD currency pair) also points to a drop.

Premium is low on options right now, I will pick up some longer options with some smaller Delta for the near term.

I still think we ramp into the election, which is "so democratic" to spend like a drunken sailor and get people all giddy, so they forget the "lost decade", so they forget the loss of the freedoms they used to have, so they forget that unless you join the corruption with both hands, hard work and innovation will not result in just rewards.     Sorry, that's all true, now get over it, and make some money and prepare for the end of the Keynesian experiment.

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