Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rant from a ZH poster ----------------------------------- Mr. Market is dead. The U.S. is in a place it has never been before; DECLINE. Having turned the post WWII generations to consumerism and unable to muster the courage to not ruin the environment while maintaining production and career employment TPTB turned to parasitism. Off-shoring of employment and production, layoffs, or the chew 'em up and spit 'em out employment model at low wage. Part time no benefit jobs the norm. "We can't find qualified people" say the CEO's; BULLSHIT, you don't want to spend a penny training anyone! People are poison to corporations; they don't want to train them, pay them, keep them, or give them career employment. Mr. Market died and was replaced by a giant tapeworm with a roulette wheel. Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty now hobbling around on canes and walkers, with various parasites inside and outside: ticks, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, lice, tapeworms and blood flukes (a.k.a. - bankers, lawyers, politicians, crony capitalists, professional mandarins, indolent dependency class, arrogant elites). Maybe enough genuine people to resuscitate the republic, but not without a lot of dead people.

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  1. I di not write that...I agree with it, but didn't write it as I thought it when Obummer wwas elected


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