Friday, October 5, 2012

Take the edge off the week

This is how I relax after the HAL 20000's blow out my cable short stops time after time.

Those "exhaustion tops" are nothing but a preplanned stop raid before the bid is pulled (i.e. buy orders are dropped way down or removed and then the real move starts.    

An honest analysis of trades on Cable show it to be particularly treacherous.   Nothing like two old schoool imperialistic countries going head to head with their HAL 20000 computers and the knowledge of where every stop is placed, and the elasticity curve of what I call cash flow much money is needed to move the price "X" percent, say 10 pips.  

Tough game that Cable, no big losses of course, but lots of little ones, and no "big runs" to make it back.   Annoying, and more than just that.

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