Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Bernoulli channel line is a 5 year line, we have been Dancing with Bernoulli (see the yellow highlighted box) for a month now. The thinner upchannel has been working for over 2 months now. And the peach colored thin line I call the Bernoulli 4343, which is 4/3 to the 4/3rds power, is the "Catch line" since the 4343 often cathces the overthrow of the B133 line which is the goldenrod color line. We could easily drop to the long term B25, or B50 (the thick blue line) the B50 is the mid channel line, those would be 1700 or 1625 type of pricing. I would be buying moderate at 1700 and heavy at 1625. NZD/JPY, Cable, and ES all point to lower prices ahead, and gold should follow barring a religious / oil based war which is possible (15%) 

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