Monday, October 8, 2012

We’ve been bled, please stop the Fed

Written by Cometo, June 2009


We’ve been bled, please stop the Fed

 We the people, as firm believers in the foundations that our great nation was based on are calling for real change, change to ensure future generations the opportunities we have had including real property rights and respect for contract law.

We need to ensure that pursuit of happiness remains an endeavor will that continue to provide our fellow and future peoples the willingness and desire to risk capital in the never ending quest for a better life. We owe this to the future; it is being stolen from all of us.

The Fed and it banking brothers and enablers in Congress have by design been institutions that have robbed wealth from ordinary citizens for the better part of the last century. It is as if through their monetary policies they are saying “It is not your money to keep, it never was, it never will be, it is actually our money, and how dare you think you can hold on to it”. Inflation by design steals from responsible savers and in practice forces our money into the hands of the “money changers” who mismanage it largely in their own interests. It is disgusting that this contrived inflation essentially forces an older generation out of their “owned” homes because of never ending tax increases via monetary policy. There are no property rights if one cannot ultimately keep what you “own”.

That these partners in crime, The Fed, The Treasury, banker/brokers pals, and even worse, the kept men of women of the Congress and Senate have worked in concert to transfer huge sums of our money to settle CDS claims at 100 percent value to preferred partners while also restraining secured debt holders from the same is a dangerous sign. This is a violation of both basic property rights and contract law.

These are the rock solid principles that Western civilizations are founded upon. It isn’t a small rock in a delicate pile they are toying around with. They risk undoing centuries of progress and advancement for all of us. It is not too late, we still have wealth left to rebuild with, to re-invest with, and to set the stage for the next big advances for all of mankind.

Please urge your elected tele-tubbies in Washington to reduce the powers and influence of the Fed, saving those rights for the States and individuals as defined in the Constitution of the United States. No where in this gift from our founding fathers are powers granted to a central bank to control, regulate, and mismanage our money and wealth creation opportunities. Nor does this document enshrine either of our current political parties. Let’s remind the kept men and women in Washington DC of this simple and self evident truth as well.

It is time for change, we the People deserve and demand it. We need to restrain and rework the institutions that have failed us so miserably, not grant them extensive new powers over our ability to effectively and fairly deploy our capital as we see fit. If each of us pressures our elected tele-tubbies forcefully and repeatedly we can help promote peaceful and beneficial change for generations to come. It is a time for change, let’s get on with it.

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