Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Every reason to be long - Internals and more

As per below post on the MACD of the put call
Moon and Sun (eclipse)
Egg Bounce

Massive 1750 stocks underwent a smack down stop sweep low this morning, even though ES was trading even.   Imagine that.

The HAL 20000 figured out how to sweep the maximum number of stops....as those holding longs tightened up their stops on individual issues in this volatile environment. 

LOOK at the declining issues.
This is a coordinated  stop sweep.   Nothing legal about it, when it gets to this size.

Made me jump long, although I waited until ES had its own stop sweep.

This final stop sweep in ES occurred in like 2 seconds....I had just placed a long, and was setting to place a tight stop....ES spiked through the stop, triggering 10,000 other muppets stops.    I was saved only by the fact that I hadn't hit the transmit button yet.  

The thin red line was my intended stop position.

I was holding off....waiting to see "volume" as no HBB inspired sweep is proper without volume. 

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